Designated Safeguarding Lead course

We are pleased to introduce our new CPD Accredited Designated Safeguarding Lead course. 

This is a comprehensive course designed to equip Designated Safeguarding Leads with both the knowledge and skills to successfully discharge their statutory responsibilities. The course has been designed to cover not only the statutory information that every DSL must know, but also practical advice and guidance to help new DSLs navigate the world of safeguarding.

Course content:

  • What is safeguarding and child protection?
  • What is child abuse?
  • Signs and symptoms of abuse
  • KCSiE
  • Dealing with disclosures and the recording and storing of information
  • When and how to report concerns
  • What happens at an ICPC?
  • How to take action, should you disagree with actions or decisions made
  • Statutory requirements for Designated Safeguarding Leads

For more information, please see the flyer below or email

To sign up, please follow this link.